Homemade Gifts – A Beginner’s Guide

Homemade GiftsAre you having a meltdown because you’ve run out of gift ideas?

If so, I’m not surprised.  Gift-giving has become a way of life for most of us. As a matter of fact, the average American buys gifts for 10 or more occasions each year. No wonder we run out of gift ideas.

Since gift ideas are often limited, selecting the right gift is almost always a challenge. Between birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and a host of other gift-giving occasions, I have personally spent countless hours trying to figure out what to give. I always try to choose the right gift – the perfect present.  But, doing so isn’t always easy. I am sure you have had similar experiences.

Recently I was introduced to a new trend in gift-giving – homemade gifts.  Yes, I did make homemade gifts in elementary school.  Let’s face it. We all did.  But since I am older, wiser, and gainfully employed, giving homemade gifts never crossed my mind.

Yet after engaging in a bit of research, I discovered that giving homemade gifts has become a common practice and is a great alternative to giving store-bought gifts.

Have you ever considered giving homemade gifts?  Or, would you like to further explore the idea of giving homemade gifts?  Do you already give homemade gifts but would like a greater variety of homemade gift ideas?  Then keep reading.  This guide is for you.     Continue reading

4 Simple Yet Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him That Will Melt His Heart

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HIm

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HIm

Are you having difficulty choosing a Valentine’s Day Gift for the man in your life? Does he have everything he needs? Does he say, “I don’t know” when you ask him what he wants for Valentine’s Day? No fear.  We know how hard shopping for men can be.  So, here is a list of simple yet thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for him that will melt his heart. Continue reading

6 Great Gift Ideas For University Students

FashionFinding a special gift for a college student can be notoriously difficult, no matter what the occasion is. They actually need relatively useful gifts since they don’t have a great deal of money, and it is the first time they will be away from home. Although gift cards and cash are good gifts for cash-strapped students, they don’t leave much room for the imagination.  If you’re looking for a more inspiring gift idea for a student why not try one of these six. Continue reading

3 Original Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Party

Main Gift ImageYour special day is almost here, congrats!  Weddings are a lot of work. Tons of time and energy go into the planning of your big day.  Chances are you have had a lot of people help you along the way, and you want to do your best to show your appreciation.

Cookie-cutter wedding gifts can be pretty classic and usually really boring. To show appreciation to those that have been there since the beginning, your groomsmen and bridesmaids, try and look outside the box.

Surprise your wedding party by adding flair and a little pep to a thoughtful gift.  It doesn’t have to be something large, but something with a little extra thought goes a long way.  Let’s take a look at a few examples. Continue reading

Take A More Intelligent Approach To Shopping

Shopping BagsThere is undoubtedly a certain level of expertise that’s required in order to become better at shopping. Although it’s undoubtedly easy to walk into a shop, select an item and make payment, those actions don’t make you a good shopper.

Those who truly understand the process are able to buy the right items at the best prices. That’s something that we can all seek to replicate, with a little effort.

The first step on the road to getting better at shopping is to appreciate that there is a need to improve. The fact that you’re reading this blog post is a good start and it’s likely that certain signals have been alerting you to the fact that things need to get better. Continue reading