6 Great Gift Ideas For University Students

FashionFinding a special gift for a college student can be notoriously difficult, no matter what the occasion is. They actually need relatively useful gifts since they don’t have a great deal of money, and it is the first time they will be away from home. Although gift cards and cash are good gifts for cash-strapped students, they don’t leave much room for the imagination.  If you’re looking for a more inspiring gift idea for a student why not try one of these six.

Subscription to Netflix – There’s nothing better when you’re at a university than grabbing all your housemates, some popcorn and sweets and watching a good film together.  However, buying or renting all the latest movies can get pretty pricey, so a subscription to Netflix is an ideal present for a student.  A subscription to Netflix is a gift that keeps on giving and can be shared with friends. Netflix has recently started producing their own shows. They have been doing that well.  ‘House of Cards’ starring Kevin Spacey and the new season of ‘Arrested Development’ are just a couple that has been released in recent months.

Family Cookbook – Putting together a family cookbook full of family recipes as a gift for a student is an extremely thoughtful and useful present.  Get different members of the family to write out their own recipes and collate them all into one book or binder.  There’s nothing better than the taste of a familiar family dish when you’re away at a university.  It helps you to settle in and gives you some good ideas of cheap meals to enable you to save your money from the get go. You can make one big meal at the start of the week to feed you every night with a few good recipes.

Single-Serving Coffee Machine – Early morning lectures can be a real inconvenience to sleepy or hung-over students.  Get them out of bed in the morning with this single-serving coffee machine.  No more spending ridiculous amount of money daily on coffee from Starbucks or at the university canteen.  A little bit of caffeine goes a long way to starting your day off on the right track!

Funny Printed T-shirts – The University is the ideal place to express yourself and wear whatever you want to wear.  Students love tongue-in-cheek offensive, controversial and funny printed T-shirts like those designed by Stabilitees Ltd.  Funny slogan T-shirts come in a wide variety of different designs to suit any interest or taste and are often sold in high street chains for double the price that you could just order it for yourself online.

Bluetooth Portable Speakers – Portable Bluetooth speakers are great for hectic student life.  Just pack them in your backpack and you can listen to the music on your phone no matter where you are.  Listen at the park, at a friend’s house, at the beach or at a party.  It’s a great gift for a busy student that’s always on the go! The lack of wires is a plus when you are use to the tangling mess that you normally have to put up with.

Cocktail Making Kit – For the student that loves to party a cocktail making kit will make a brilliant gift – cocktail stirrers, umbrellas, shaker and recipe book – a cool gift to crack out at a party or barbeque.  They’ll have loads of fun with their friends making impressive new drinks, and it’ll be a lot cheaper than drinking at cocktail bars! Mojito’s and Mai Tai’s are really in fashion at the moment so learn how to make them yourself.

Sarah Hewitt is an experienced writer who writes about anything that interests her, this can range from travel to business, lifestyle, sport and electronics. She attended university in London before starting her own writing company around 6 months ago. You can contact her via her Twitter page or Google+

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